socks 2

finally got something to show on my needles, and only took two goes!  My usual style is quick, not at all perfectionist, but last night it was careful, slowly, get every stitch just right.  The pace nearly killed me but i am getting better at handling the 4 needles and this time i have stitches on my needles, and i’m so excited!  It was 11:45 when i turned off the light but i just wanted to stay up all night and knit!

Warm feet here we come!

I hope they fit me… in fact the website said nothing about sizes and i just used op shopped knitting needles that have no size on them so i just hope they fit somebody, anybody in my family!

Inspirational socks to drool over:

these amazing ones from Ruth’s Place

and these green lovelies from Calana Crafts

One thought on “socks 2

  1. Ruth says:

    They are toddler size those ones 🙂
    Your socks are looking good so far. I had to laugh that you wanted to stay up all night and knit – now you’ve got my disease…


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