hello to belle bazaar boutique

16 baby rockmelon Orphan Owls found a new home today at Belle Bazaar Boutique, a gorgeous little handmade shop in Upper Mount Gravatt.  Jess is the amazing owner and has set it up to show off beautifully the large range of handmade items. For all you young muumys, the handmade kids clothing is amazing, otherwise the soaps and candles are fresh and exquisite and they have little gifty items and quirky French bits such as washi tape in ‘Paris’  that i had to add to my french collection!

Brisstyle shows off Belle Bazaar with a great interview with Jess.  So fellow crafties drop in to 139 Lumley Road, Upper Mount Gravatt for a peek, support lovely handmade shops such as Belle Bazaar on Facebook  and follow their blogs.  The handmade community is a great place!

Woo Hoo, my little rockmelon business has just taken another step forward!

One thought on “hello to belle bazaar boutique

  1. Ruth says:

    Congrats, Rochelle! That must be very exciting.

    Forgot to mention, when knitting the sock pull the second stitch on the needle tight and you’ll avoid ladders between the needles.


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