one man’s junk…

some call it hoarding, others call it scrounging or recycling, i just call it treasure.  Last week our local council had a pick up day where you leave all your junk treasure on the front lawn for them to do a tip run… which means all of us scroungers drove round for hours taking freebies home to upcycle or ebay.

Look at my great stuff: this fab cardboard suitcase.  (retro?) Whoo hoo!

i spotted these boxes all folded up in a box with the screws and tiny nuts carefully arranged on top for someone like me to grab.  Perfect for storing my stash of fabric! 

Then there was Betty: forlorn, tattered, broken arm… but i can see her potential.

Her frame is solid, the re-upholstering easy and can you believe she is a little rocker?

Even broken she is a joy to sit in, maybe my new knitting chair … if i ever get anything on those needles.  Betty you are gorgeous, can’t wait to see you in my house after your make over.

Then there was this free pine firewood and this is not even a third of it. Feel blessed

There’s more finds too, post later.  And i just for the record, for every thing i picked up, i left 3 pieces behind i really wanted to take home.   Self control – tick!

5 thoughts on “one man’s junk…

  1. Sharona says:

    Michael & I LOVE coucil cleanup – we manage to get someone almost every single time! 😀 You look like you got some great finds – the storage boxes look great – imagine how much you would have to pay if you brought them brand new! 😀


    • Sharona says:

      Hee hee – I mean, something – not someone – you might think we had bodies building up in our shed! 🙂 late night typing 😦


  2. Carly says:

    haha i love this because i too am a victim of the roadside chuck out…we picked up a huge witches hat (perfect for T ball and of course using as a microphone!), a shoe rack, and a big hideous green table that we are thrilled at the thought of eating from during summer outside!! go us, treasure finders! wohoo!


  3. Brad says:

    Thank you Wife for your self control 🙂
    Imagine where we’d store it all if you brought home each of those ‘3 pieces left behind’ – wow!


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