my son

we call him Super Sam and he is.  Our only son, surrounded by two sisters: one he annoys to distraction and one he gets up to mischief with, dear middle child, happy birthday for last Tuesday.

We sent Sam on a treasure hunt for his pressies, ate a late brekkie and spent the morning in the park: basketball, handball (great satisfaction from me by beating my kids many times and getting into king), and testing out his new Rip Stick and cool helmet.

He got to choose where we would eat for lunch and after spending the morning in indecision, he chose gourmet pizza.  We spruced up and arrived at the restaurant  and he orders a Cheese Pizza! So funny!  Camera stopped working so no photos of lunch, the great playground at Southbank or the cake.

In case you were wondering, it was white with red spots: a magic mushroom cake from Mario Brothers.

Love you son, you are a spunk with a great sense of humour, you are a cuddle bug boy, don’t grow up too soon!

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