my creative space – schitzophrenia

i am a bit of a craft schizophrenic, i start lots of things, have passionate love /  hate relationships with most of them before they end up at checkered flag land.  On my desk at present:

hands are dry and almost cracked from hand sanding these lovelies, soon to be upcycled into a cake stand. (base, stand and top)

Not bad for $3, the wooden candlestick is just divine.

and my 13 year old daughter is sanding this bedside table back with the electric sander to be painted luscious white.

and today is the last day to enter my cute, Orphan Owl give away.  Just leave a comment here and let me know which one is your fav.  Lets face it, i won’t get to look at entries until about 10 tonight so i’m extending the draw dead line.  Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “my creative space – schitzophrenia

  1. Jillian says:

    Very sweet little owls. I do very much like the one with the little green front, with the brown and orange floral background. You are very clever and so inspiring.

    xx jill


  2. lisa says:

    awww i love owls just the cutest bunch!! hmm which one do i like oh too hard they are all too cute ok ok just one eenie meenie miney mo i like the pink one in the middle with a close second to the white one .now i feel mean.

    what a fab idea cant wait to see your cake stand
    (coming across from our creative space’s)


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