empty needles

the ethical clothing pledge was as simple as a click of a button.  Reality is a bit harder.  We are all very short on socks this winter and so i have bought some double ended knitting needles and wool (both op shopped) to knit some.  After being sent a fab link here for socks by my fab sister in law i started.  She said she knits socks while on road trips ( i think she means hubby drives) so i thought a beginner like me (4 scarfs and 2 beanies on my resume) could manage it.  I cast on and knitted merrily away, long into the night.  I pulled it all undone and recast 6 times (the longest i got was about 7cm) before unravelling it all.  Hmm more difficult than it looks.  New respect for you knitters.  More determined than ever.

Don’t forget to enter my very first give away, celebrating one year in blogland, giving away one Owl Orphan in recycled, remnant and vintage fabrics!

Now I’m off to ice my sons cake as it’s his birthday today…

3 thoughts on “empty needles

  1. Brad says:

    I’m all for this ethical clothing pledge, but if i find some knitted undies in my drawer, i will not be happy! LOL 🙂
    love you Babe,


  2. Amanda says:

    The owls are so cute!! My Mum just taught me how to knit last weekend…I did about 4 rows of a scarf and lost interest! I now absolutely adore the quilt that my boyfriend’s Mum knitted me – it must have taken her so long!!! I do hope to keep at it though, such a wonderful skill.


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