my creative space: owl give away

My creative space is hosting my first give away today, one of my Orphan Owls will be travelling to your place!

All sassy, wide-eyed Owl Orphans are lovingly handmade from
recycled, remnant and vintage fabrics. Every Owl is unique in looks and
personality, no two are created alike. These Owls look great sitting on a book
case, windowsill or dresser or snuggled into the neck of a child as they read a
book.  All care is taken to respect our environment during every
step in making and delivering Owl Orphans to their new nest.  All Owls perch stoutly as they contain rice
(double sewn inside 2 fabric layers) as part of their filling.

Soft Pastel Pink

I used to be a doona, skirt and a sheet.

Purple Retro Flowers

I used to be a doona, and a skirt.

or Funky Retro Red and White

I used to be a doona, a shirt and a pillow case.

Leave a comment to enter, give away open for 1 week, a lucky name will be drawn next Thursday, 2nd June, 12:00 noon. Good luck, don’t forget to tell me what colour owl you would like to adopt!

Don’t forget you can adopt an Owl Orphan at my etsy shop here!

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14 thoughts on “my creative space: owl give away

  1. R. Madden says:

    I think your owls are a real hoot ;
    On my bed they would sure look beaut.
    I really like the Retro one,
    the colours are so bold and fun.
    My home I am sure that he wold like,
    and I have already called him Mike.
    So if your orphan owl still needs a home-
    I would be happy to call him my own 🙂


  2. debra says:

    Thank you so much, what a lovely blog. Thanks to Our Creative Spaces i ahve stumbled here!! Love the purple retro flowers…gorgeous little owl friends you make. Groovy day !


  3. Sharona says:

    The owls are cute & they look like you have done a good job with them! 😀 I like them all 🙂 Colours – red, blue, or purple. 🙂


  4. R. Madden says:

    You already know how much I love the owls! I like how you have used the rice-great idea 🙂 Love the retro one. Also am often inspired by your creativity-really must set time aside to make my own family of owls! Currently too busy with our crazy family of real guinea pigs-currently have 23 of them eeekkkk! xx


  5. Cheryl Booyens says:

    Your owls are just beautiful!!!! And as red is my favourite colour I really like the red and white one. I also especially love his eyes!!! He is sooooooooo cute….!!!


  6. Viltalakim says:

    love your owls!! they look so sweet bet my daughters will love it too!! I think I love the pink and purple one best but the soft pastelpink looks great too. Ohh so hard to choose a favorite 🙂


  7. katie says:

    I love your owls!!! They just look so friendly! I love the way the top two look just a little bit surprised. They would make anyone that owned them smile. I have to say I think the red one is probably my favourite too. k
    p.s. Thanks for your comment today. My machine was pretty much at that point too. I wasnt quite sure where to oil, so in the past two years I never have – eek! I probably shouldnt admit that out loud!


  8. anka says:

    The owls are what brought me here from Our creative spaces. I love owls and I have a huge collection of them. I would like to adopt the red retro one and bring it home.
    Keep the owls flying 🙂


  9. Ky says:

    As if I wouldn’t leave a comment! I have just the person who would love one of those owls too. She collects owls.
    I think the last one would be perfect.

    Pick me! Pick me! hehehehehehehehe


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