owl fetish-my creative space

My house is full of owls in recycled, remnant and vintage fabrics.

Don’t worry there are big plans for my Orphaned feathered friends… including markets, my stuff going into a local handmade shop, filling my etsy shop and a craft swap with the talanted Ruth in South Africa, can’t wait.

Also am busy with my soy candles and today am happy to unveil my finished candles presented in vintage tea cups.

‘A Cup of Sunshine’  (mandarin & marjoram essential oils for an uplifting boost)

and ‘A Cup of Peace’ (spearmint & lemongrass essential oils to soothe and soften the heart)

I also a have an unscented range for anyone hyper-sensitive or just wanting  a glow and no aroma.  All tea cups are semi transparent when the candle is lit and burn with such a delightful, soft glow at night!

Also on my desk is my new range ‘A Word From my Heart.’  Each unique little heart holds a heartfelt message of encouragement and inspiration that your special someone can hang from a cupboard, door or pin to a curtain and be inspired.

Great gifts for snail mail, first ones listing this week on etsy, stay tuned. I have so enjoyed the handstitching i am committing to doing more.

All the fabrics are recycled or vintaged from clothes or pillowcases and more than 50% of the threads and cotton twill is recycled.

Meet someone new at Our Creative Space (aka Kootoyoo all growed up) today and check out their creative spaces!

3 thoughts on “owl fetish-my creative space

  1. seaweedandraine says:

    Hi! Loving those soy candles. I’ve been wanting to make some for AGES now – but never sourced the soy wax (or rather actually purchased some!). Fantastic idea putting them in china cups. I think I’d like a cup of sunshine! 🙂


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