a reason to celebrate

a flower, a cuppa and the newspaper brought to me in bed is close to the perfect start to Mothers Day!

Then our three scallywags piled into the bedroom with handmade cards and lots of giggling.

The girls wrote poetry:

My chicken is black, the ocean is blue,

cats are cute and cows go moo!

They have all raided my craft desk to make these cards, Sam found craft punches, a pipe cleaner and woogly eyes:

I was served brekkie on the veranda (my dad and step mother were staying so didn’t eat in bed) then off for fun in the park.

And a quick pic of the 3 reasons i get to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Then the beach…

an unplanned shot which i love.

and a wacky pic for the finale!

I love being a mum and i love all the mums in my life, you gals make my world a better place.  Some of you mother me, some just inspire me by the way you mother, we’ve shared teas and cups of tea, we’ve crafted together and cried together… thank you mummy’s, tis the world’s best job!

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