family matters

the 3 of them borrowed the camera and all we could hear for an hour was giggling and hysterical laughter and then finally splash as they ended up in the pool (yes the water is freezing by May, even in QLD).

This is some of the results of their photography session:

going cross-eyed is an art form and the other siblings are jealous about how well she can do it!

So fast he’s a blurr (?) or is that the camera moving as the button is depressed?  I really like this shot regardless.  Eldest daughter is learning photography and took most of the pics.

This is the worlds most cuddled chicken, Pearl.

and the serious pose…

and a pic of the photographer ( the one wearing brown)!

Got as note from my youngest today, basically saying how much she loves being in our family then she draw a pic of Brad and i kissing.  So cute.  I am a happy person!

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