my creative space – upcycled suitcase

From kermit green to black and white decoupage i have upcycled this little vintage suitcase.

I have used a dictionary (50 cents from our local tip recycling shop) scissors, a brush and lots of Mod Podge. 

 Because i want it to stand up to lots of wear and tear i have also varnished it.

I used a vintage map of Scotland which i found in the shed of our rental and used it for the inner lid (use what you have)  and I have added a rockmelon business card as a luggage tag and am quite pleased with how it all looks. I’ve kept all the original corner pieces, locks and handles… rust and all.

I have been using this little vintage suitcase for Suitcase Rummage but since the next one is scheduled for Mothers Day (and since i was at markets last year) i am taking the weekend off, hopefully my wonderful family will indulge me.
Also on my desk space is more Orphan Owls; this first one made from a shirt

these next two Owls are made from a vintage pillow case and a sheet and one made from a red flowery pillow case bought at the last Suitcase Rummage $1 for a pair, they will receive their stuffing tonight. Don’t those eyes just pop?

Big announcement: rockmelon recycled can now tick off 7 of eleven.  I have opened an etsy store, just a few things but will add more as i can take pics.  We have an incredibly dark house for picture-taking, i so need a sunny day. Take a look, add me to your favourites list!

This is the library bag i made for youngest daughters birthday at ‘The Art of Being a Nana’ craft group which the very creative Mali led.

whom is crazy about rabbits, i lined it with some remnant fabric i have left from sewing her a doona cover and put in a little pocket for her library card which is forever getting lost.

She is always saying that i never make her things, just things for markets, so i also embroidered her this shirt to wear to horse riding, which she promptly got boot polish on (lots of tears) but i think i have gotten it all out.

oh yeah, since its thursday, pop over to Kootoyoo and see more creative spaces!

2 thoughts on “my creative space – upcycled suitcase

  1. Ruth says:

    The suitcase make-over is wonder and I love the owls.

    Would you be interested in a swap? Mini knitted owls for one of your fabric ones?


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