lest i forget

shame on me, i have never been to an ANZAC Day Parade until this week.  I have no idea why my parents never took me nor why i have never taken my kids before.  It was great, sobering though thinking about war and the price of freedom.

It was a feast to the senses, i clicked away on our camera.

My two eldest children marched with their Pathfinder Club (like Scouts but with a spiritual component) in the local Logan ANZAC Day Parade.

Their tummies were full of butterflies, rosemary tucked into hats, feet packed into polished black leather shoes, they stood waiting to join the winding ribbon of marchers.

It was wonderful to see most of the marchers were young people, a new generation showing respect and gratitude for our freedom.

lest any of us forget.


One thought on “lest i forget

  1. Ky says:

    Shamefully, I hadn’t been to one before this year either. And to top it off, I was late cos I thought it start later than it did. Nevertheless, I did catch the atmosphere and soberness of the event. It was a very special experience and next year I’m determined to experience a dawn service.


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