my messy creative space

It’s holidays so i’ve emptied my sewing cupboard over the table and the floor (which now blends with the table and cupboard). We have to wade to get to the fridge and we are eating meals at the breakfast bar or outside! My dear family are so tolerant!

I’m upcycling some more green shopping bags:

This upcycled bag is a recycled skirt and one of my favourite dresses from when i was 21, yes my fabric stash is that  old!

This upcycled bag is recycled from a vintage doily, a tablecloth and a doona cover. It’s not finished yet…

This bag was a skirt and has a vintage button and doily.  I have a fantastic stash of doilies now, will do a separate post on them another time.

This is a bag-to-be.  It is in the planning stages, loving that blue.  It used to be a pillow case and a fabric swatch for a couch, the doily has a hand stitched bird, wattle and banksia (?), so delightful. I will embroider a word or words on the doily.

Usually on Thursdays i’d add a link to Creative Spaces at Kootoyoo but she’s having the holidays off.  Have a great one Kirsty, hope you get time to craft and enjoy your family.

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