To colour ones world is to bring brightness, to refresh and make something new again.

These tiny blossoms coloured my soul, a gift picked for me by my gorgeous daughter.   In March i added new colours to my soul palette when i attended the annual women’s ‘Colour Conference’ in Sydney.

White was the tens of thousands of white paper hearts that were dropped from the ceiling on us on opening night.

 It was such a beautiful thing, watching them swirling down and landing on us, we grabbed handfuls and threw them at each, totally giggling.  Red was the colour of the wine we drank to remember that Jesus the Godman came down to walk this earth and die so that heaven might be ours one day.

Brown was the colour of a great cup of coffee i drank sitting on a garden bench and writing notes, pondering how i can take this 3 day experience and continue brightening my little corner of the world, my neighbourhood, my church, the places where i take my morning walk…

Pink is for the sisterhood of women, empowered, stepping up and doing life together.

…God daily gives me a colourful life and in return i will colour my world, one person at a time…

P.S. this is what met me at the airport when i landed back at home:


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