my creative space

i finally finished my pear pin cushion from the girls night out ‘The Art of Being a Nana’ which is basically a sewing group for teen girls  and a few extras like me.  Thanks to ‘Under the Olive Tree’ who shared her pattern, Melynda  (do you blog?) and ‘Green Tea and Red Nails’ (organizer extraordinaires) who make things happen.   Oh and thanks to  ‘Creative Colourful Musings of  Life.’  for allowing us to rifle her fabric stash.

i love Thursdays inspirational links at Kootoyoo

4 thoughts on “my creative space

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Great Pear! And what surprise to see your smiling face on this blog! I had no idea. I now have to go and wake up B1 to tell him that you have a blog! Heheheh
    I’ll be back to see more later!
    S xxx


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