sad day

went to a funeral today for hubbys uncle who died unexpectedly from complications after emergency surgery for an aneurysm / clot in his stomach.   Sad always for a family torn apart, he leaves a wife (married 46 years), 2 children and 8 grandies.

Was raining today, not like not in this photo, very unusual gardens… recognise them anyone?  On the way to Murwillumbah, just over the Qld border into NSW?  My pics were taken through the windscreen, in the rain…

Feeling melancholy tonight but determined to live abundantly with no regrets and purposefully influencing the next generations, whom i am about to go and tuck into bed.


One thought on “sad day

  1. marie-nicole says:

    I am so sorry to hear your families loss… and for his poor family, that’s tragic.

    Hope your mood has lifted and you have found many things to appreciate in your everyday life… reminders of how lucky we are to be alive and experience what we do!

    Hugs to you.


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