love Australia Post

Got two deliveries from Australia Post today, both personally addressed to me, not just text books.  First was this amazing, gorgeous and stunning framed print from Paper Tree Studio which i WON!!!!! I love my prize, got to find the perfect place for it.  Thanks so much Michelle, yet another Brissy designer/blogger whom i admire.


Second delivery was my order from Heirloom Body Care so spent the afternoon playing with wax and wicks and little weighty thingys to anchor the wick down.  I made lots of mess and a few candles in the process.  From this:

To this:

Did i mention it’s all soy wax?  I wouldn’t use anything else. 

Benefits of Soy Candles

  1. Soy candles  which makes them cost-effective.  A soy candle can burn up to twice as long (sometimes even more!) than paraffin.
  2. Soy candles burn very clean, they don’t produce the black soot  or smoke like paraffin does.
  3. Soy candles are better for your health.  Soy wax is 100% vegetable, derived from soy beans unlike Paraffin which is a petroleum by-product.  Petroleum is processed into petrol, kerosene, motor oil, diesel and other fuels, the excess waste is then used in the production of paraffin which has been known to contain harmful toxins and carcinogens.
  4. Soy supports our farmers who grow soy beans.

So if you’re not on the soy candle train yet, get on it!

3 thoughts on “love Australia Post

  1. Sharona says:

    Marina Ellis from Fox gave me my first soy candle today … and I thought of you. I didn’t know how harmful the standard candles was as well. Now, I am on the look out for soy candles as gifts etc. 🙂


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