I have been skulking the Brissy craft market scene looking for space to set up rockmelon recycled’s table & wares.

So far i have visited:

Boutique Markets, which was the one markets i have been waiting and waiting to visit.  I went particularly to check out Mondo Cherry whose work i love and was just dying to embrace with my eyes and  I was not disappointed.   (in the raw their work was made to a very high standard and simply divine).

Perfect weather, well sign posted markets, free parking and lots of great artists and crafts, though not every stall was set up by opening time.  Walked away not having opened my purse but was tempted by Robbie McInnes jewellery the most.  Robbie and her partner were a delight to talk with.  Also loved: Rod n Lil, Tickled Pink cute and pretty sum them up, cards bags and bits, (thanks for the lovely chat),  a necklace by Ruby Olive grabbed my attention.

I’d highly recommend the Boutique Markets for high end handmade.

Vintage markets Marky Markets, held great promise for me (tho their website was hopeless and did not give up to date info), i went because i read Little Birds blog and wanted to see her work and i love vintage.   I drove up and down the street and surrounds for 10 minutes and couldn’t find a parking space within a reasonable walking distance to the markets so i drove away only seeing the few tables set up from a distance.  West End looks like a great place a to hang but the parking is horrific!  Disappointed button!

 Bardon, tiny markets just getting started, but with its position has great potential.  Fruit and vege market mainly, in fact I’ve never seen so many varieties of potatoes for sale in one place i just had to buy some for a warm potato and green bean salad i was preparing that evening.

Chandler, very large flea market style markets.  I bought some ‘vintage’ lace and a material remnant from a stall only to see the same  material in Spotlight the next week!!!  ( i think the lace is genuine tho)  I also bought a really gorgeous square lace tablecloth from her for $2 so i guess that cancels out the bad!    Would have liked to see more handmade goods instead of cheap imports but lots of second-hand books, clothing, DVD’s,  CDs and bits. (this is not exactly my lace as i’m too lazy to get out of bed to take a pic, but very similar)

Riverside markets,  nearly bought a gorgeous hand painted  Turkish plate but would prefer to buy Aussie hand painted plate let me know if you know of anyone who does that … amazing glass artist i could’ve bought several pieces, (lost business card and can’t remember name) very classy glassware, unfortunately this is in the want bucket not the need bucket so i didn’t buy any.  The piece i liked was way over the 100 mark and near 200 … hmmm better get my little business up and running! It was a super hot day, paid $10 for parking (dislike button) but would recommend a look.




One thought on “skulking

  1. Kellie says:

    Hi Rochelle,

    We have been going to (and selling at) the suitcase rummage markets in the city. They are on once a month and it costs $10 to register for a stall. It might not be what you are looking for but it may be worth a look.

    I can tell you more at church if you are keen – Kel 🙂

    p.s – they also have a blog. not sure what it is off the top of my head but if you google suitcase rummage brisbane it should come up!


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