even more undignified than this

i suddenly realized at 8:25 last night that all our furniture & personal stuff is being stored near the Port of Brisbane… which is near the Brisbane River… which is in flood…. i googled the address of our storage facility only to find that streets only one street away from the facility were totally flooded!  My thoughts swirled and tried to squeeze the breath out of me as i began to contemplate what losing all our stuff could mean.  After getting on our knees and praying that we would have dry furniture or courage to be faithful no matter what, Brad and i went to bed.  I lay awake a lot of the night, not worrying but playing out different scenarios and claiming Bible promises.

I seemed to be awake at first light, waiting for the clock to hit 7:30 so we could ring the Melbourne or Sydney office ( 1 hour ahead of Bris) to find out if our stuff was under water.  Finally after 11 long hours we heard sweet words that our goods and chattels were high and dry.  Brad and i both choked back tears.

It is so only stuff, but it is interwoven with memories & stories.

Funny the things i’d realized i’d miss:

my wedding dress, a garment full of joy that i’m hoping one of our girls will wear

photos, photos and photos: our babies, friends, irreplaceable family history, our courting days & wedding

all the love letters and cards

my material collection i’m sewing my way through

snippets of hair from my kids when they were babes

handwritten notes from my kids, the first time they wrote their own name or i love you mummy

my art & craft work i’ve done

furniture handed down through the generations…

i am blessed in a thousand ways, my God is a God whom i choose to serve no matter what and when i praise Him i will dance and sing, praising Him excessively, He is my joy bringer!   Open your Bible at 2 Samuel 6:12-23


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