strawberries are red- post i forgot to post

Strawberries are red, this much is true,

they taste so much better, when picked by you!

Before we were even close enough to see the red berries on the plants i could smell them!  What a nostril feast, smelling a field full of fragrant strawberries, not sickly sweet fake strawberry smell but a fresh, full, fruity fragrance, i’ve never experienced that before, it was amazing!

We could eat as many as we liked while picking for free, so i confess most of us stuffed ourselves, (except Sam who prefers green apples).

We went home with pink fingers & sticky faces and a very content smile.

hope the juice doesn’t stain, we’ve got it on our clothes.

i did hardly any picking actually, just took heaps of photos & watched the kids feast & frolic.


We watched a magpie help himself too, making his feathery chin all pink!

We will so be doing that again sometime!  Thanks friends for coming with us, that made it special!

It was muddy in the fields and the owner gave us plastic bags to put our shoes in so we didn’t muddy the car, how thoughtful!


Nice pic George! What are you giggling about?

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