ending well

5 things i am proud of myself for in 2010:

1) having the courage to bare my wares at the markets.  Having people inspect my lovingly handcrafted items and buy them has been very exciting, thanks to all who bought my wares, i’ve learned to be a better crafter through all those market conversations. I have discovered many crafty blogs to admire and inspire too, so proud to be part of the handmade-vintage-retro-recycled revolution.

2) speaking out.  I had 3 speaking invitations this year and felt very privileged to be asked to share some of my spiritual insights/journey with women in May, facilitate a forum on inner beauty for young women in September, and speak at my church in July.  I had one of  my articles included in this book and this article published too.  I have really enjoyed being part of the blogging community, i’ve enjoyed the randomness of it as a creative outlet.

3) homeschooling my kids for another year.  We have finished the year with a great sense of accomplishment that we learned things together and passed on our family values.  So proud of my kids as i watch them develop a positive character, emotional intelligence, spiritual wonderment and intellectual curiosity.  You three are truly my Magnum Opus!

4) took another step toward living an ethical lifestyle: Our family wears 95% of clothing and shoes from recycled fashion outlets and ethical clothing manufacturers including Moselle. This year i aim to buy from Pure Pod, Toms Shoes and Vegan Era too.  It has been hard at times to walk past bargains in chain stores, but to refuse to wear clothing and shoes manufactured by companies with sweat shop mentality.  It does feel great and improves society, helps sustainability in other countries and keeps my bank balance in perspective.  i go out of my way to buy local fruit and veges and voraciously support Australian made.  We only drink fair trade coffee and eat fair trade chocolate too, go Cadbury keep leading the way.  It starts with me.

5)  strengthened friendships and made new ones.  This is not my area of strength, i could go through life with just hubby and the kids my books and craft stuff.  To go out for coffee or have people over puts me out of my comfort zone, but i’m making an effort to get better at it and have enjoyed the process. Thanks especially to you girls who invited me out, drank coffee with me, ate my cooking and wrapped me in your embraces. Sorry i don’t have pics of all our fun times, they are fixed firmly in my head tho!


2 thoughts on “ending well

  1. Jean says:

    Great post and much to be proud of! Some inspiration for 2011 for me. Very happy to hear of Brad’s new position too. Best wishes to you and yours x


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