promise juice

Four weeks ago i placed a bottle of wine (non alcoholic) in the fridge.  Its purpose was to celebrate a job for hubby.  And so we waited and we prayed and we waited and we prayed… We took it on holiday even.

Our bottle represented a promise that God would make sure our needs were met. It was also a comfort, reminding us that God cares for all his creations even sparrows and He loves us more than his feathered creatures.  It represented a step of faith for us.

Yet as it sat peering at us from behind the apples and carrots, somedays it was a reminder that waiting on God can be difficult, a reminder of a promise yet unfulfilled.  On Thursday afternoon while we watched a storm brew from our verandah, Brad shook it up and popped it.  Our kids were wide eyed as they watched our precious promise juice be poured in 5 glasses. They had no idea that Brad had received a phone call that afternoon asking him to become an associate Pastor for Springwood Church (South Brisbane).

Praising God for an opportunity to stay near friends and family in Qld and opportunity to be part of a team (one of 3 pastors).  Thanking God for a fulltime wage after 2 years of volunteering in ministry. 

And so we begin the moving preparations, house hunting and good byes.


2 thoughts on “promise juice

  1. Mark says:

    I’m so happy for you guys- not just for getting the job – but for being faithful and positive and giving amidst the waiting and wondering. Blessings on you and those you minister to.


  2. Ky says:

    Congratulations!!! That’s very exciting for you all.
    Praise God for His faithfulness! I look forward to following you on your journey together.

    Merry Christmas to the Mellies!!! xx


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