gingerbread houses

We made scrum-diddli-umptious gingerbread houses, and dusted them with icing sugar.  It’s our 3 years young family tradition.  They take practically all day to make, but are soooooooooooooo much fun and so worth the miles of smiles.

I added the lemon juice to the egg whites too soon and worried that the icing wouldn’t set, (luckily it did, just took a lot longer due to the hot, humid day).  I always cheat and pin the walls and roof together while the icing sets so the kids can get right into it).

This year i gave them all a piping bag (snaplock bag with hole snipped in corner) and they did so well, i only had to hover and fix little mishaps.

The left over housing material got upcycled into ginger bread people.

These two are mum and dad – they so look like us: big smiles & cool hair dos… Thanks Shay, it was delicious.

Now we get to eat gingerbread all week and probably next week too.

P.S.  Please remind me next year to move gingerbread houses into a spot where the ants can’t get to them! Also remind me what a time consuming task it was to pick ants off one by one without crushing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now they are in a cabinet far away from the ants.

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