crutches & a sling

First number 1 son jumped off the water tank and sprained his ankle requiring crutches.  We have begun calling him Limpy!


Then number 1 daughter fell out of the tree house and broke her humerus!

Spent 2 hours getting an X ray which showed nothing, but 2 days later it was still incredibly painful and reminiscent of 5 years ago when she sleep walked off her top bunk and broke her humerus.  So 5 more hours in emergency and another X ray showed a break at the top of the bone.

She made such as fuss calling her brother Limpy, we renamed her One Armed Gertie!  Miss them doing their chores, didn’t realize how much they did around here, and youngest daughter isn’t too happy to be running around after them, but she is trying to be a good sport.  Think i’ll give her a week off chores when the other two are all 100%.

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