spring cleaning the soul

i read this blog today and it started the brain cells firing and the soul aching.  Got a feeling life could/should  be simpler?  Tired of trying to bring glamour to all your stuff when in the end it’s all just stuff? Are th calls of birds drowned out by a corcophany of appliances that are touted as making our life easier when in reality they up the electricity bill, squeeze the environment and never cease their chatter and blinking neon eyes.  Hmm  what can i do differently today to make my life simpler and less cluttered?  It does start with me, and if nobody else follows i’m ok with that, because i did what was right for me!  Must be time to spring clean the house and the soul…


2 thoughts on “spring cleaning the soul

  1. Lusi says:

    We’ve been decluttering (again!) all week. Drawers, boxes, anything and everything is being gone through! Makes me feel lighter in some way 🙂 Life should be simple hey.


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