in print

I’m doing cart wheels, my work is in print! Click here to read my article published in a weekly christian journal titled ‘Why i Read My Bible.’

I’m on page 17.

Yep I’m a dabbler in most things creative: writing, paper craft, scrapbooking, painting, knitting, decoupage, sewing, wood work, furniture restoration… whatever.  If it stimulates creative juices and fills my soul i’m into it or it’s on my list of things to try… mosaics, glass bead making, paper making … not enough time, not enough money to pack it all in!

2 thoughts on “in print

  1. Ky says:

    I’ve read a couple of your things over the years. In the Record and in that book that Nathan Brown published. You are a very talented writer and I always enjoy reading your work.
    I love how creative you are. Isn’t God amazing to put this burning desire in some of His children to create beautiful things?
    Say Hi to hubby for me.


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