send more snail mail

Handmade things will always have a special place in my heart, there’s something that touches in a deep level when you receive something hand-made that someone has given great time and talent to.  I love buying handmade, buying one offs hold great sway with me.

I’ve been working on projects for  my fortnightly market stall : rockmelon recycling.  I’m trying to use stuff lying around to make things to sell, and believe me there is tonnes of stuff.  I used to be a craft consultant for a card making & scrapbooking company (lots of freebies and give aways) and then i worked teaching scrapbooking and got a fantastic discount so who can resist a great bargain.

I am trying to use 100% recycled materials.  This is my vintage playing cards range and incorporate vintage playing cards (bought from Perpetual), old street maps of London and pictures from an old book on English gardens.

This is made with left overs from my stash and i’ve used the computer to make the ‘beautiful’ background.

Since all my handmade cards come with handmade envelopes, thought i’d make up some packs of envelopes to sell too.  These packs of 5 are made from the recycled children’s book The Ugly Duckling.

These are made from maps of London i picked up op shopping, and…

these are from a Shirley Barber fairy book, rescued and recycled into something new and unique.  I love receiving snail mail and since i had time to post off 5 cards this week i get 5 times the joy.

3 thoughts on “send more snail mail

  1. georgina says:

    Hey just stopped by your blog tonight after ages.. sorry.
    Am loving the recycled envelopes – especially the maps and the ‘ugly duckling’. Will have to come and inspect closer on sunday! Here’s to another 4am start for us… and to all the other patient, persistent (and somewhat crazy) market stall holders out there!


  2. Ky says:

    You are so creative Roche. So very, very creative. I love that you are using the things that you have stored away. Hope your venture with Rockmelon is going well and continues to grow. x


  3. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the beautiful birthday card that arrived this week. It’s just stunning.
    There is a birthday card for N on the way, but not (unfortunately) a hand made one.


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