re.volution: * repurpose * reuse * recreate * redesign  * recycle * revamp * refurbish * rediscover * re-energise * revive * reclaim * rekindle * remodel * remake * refresh *

I’ve been busy developing Rockmelon Crafts, above is a draft of my new slogan.  The next markets are on again this Sunday which i’m hoping won’t be as wet as last time. 

Taking my scrapbooking hobby to the next level, i’ve been creating drink coasters with inspirational quotes.

coasters: faith, hope, peace, grace

I am working towards using 90% recycled materials in all my work so op shops and the tip are my regular haunts.  Also i have new bags… what do you think of the doily?  This bag used to be a skirt.

I’ve  also gotten into my scrapbooking scraps box and developed a handmade card range with a matching handmade envelope!

I will post pics of more items soon.  Lets just say i’ve had an inspiring few weeks of relaxing at my desk burning the midnight oil!


7 thoughts on “re.volution

  1. ky says:

    They are fabulous! I love seeing all the stuff other people create, especially if it’s by repurposing etc. Love the new slogan! Keep the piccies coming. xx


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