amazing buttons

There was the sound of hundreds of buttons hitting the floor as my elbow hit the button box… i don’t really know how i got so many, but they have memories.  I have some buttons from my mums collection (no idea how they ended up in my possession which i remember playing with and stringing onto cotton as a kid), many i’ve bought from op shops very cheap and some from clothes my kids or i have worn (spares attached to clothes in little packets and never needed or buttons i’ve unpicked from worn out clothes ).

So now that my liitle button friends have fallen out of their little colour coordinated compartments i thought it would be a good time to photograph them and share a few.


Some are so amazing they need a special project so they can shine.

Some are very unusual and look well loved.

Aren’t they great, amazing buttons?  What should i do with them all? i admit i’m a collector and hoarder… so am having trouble parting with all my stashes but am determined to release them into my creative pursuits.  I’ve already used 2 dozen buttons on cards this week… only 2 hundred or more to go!!! LOL

Check out this cute jacket i bought for $1 at the op shop… i only bought it for its fantastic buttons but my youngest has taken a liking to the jacket and wants to wear it, so i’ll have to wait.

14 pink buttons the size of a 20 cent piece!   Bargain!


3 thoughts on “amazing buttons

  1. Ruth says:

    Love seeing your buttons.
    I’m slowly starting a button collection. A lot of mine end up on knitting projects. I need to make a trip to our local opshop for some more. The child likes counting and sorting them. I have wonderful memories of my Mum’s button collection, don’t know where it is now though.


  2. ky says:

    There are some beautiful buttons in your collection. You really do have to do something with them to let them shine. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Buttons are great! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to pick buttons up off the floor when the kids have been playing with mine. I don’t have any really beautiful ones like you do though.
    That jacket was a dead set bargain. I would wear that! Nothing excites me more than a bargain like that! That’s why op shopping is so addictive.

    Btw, loving the new look for your blog. xx


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