you complete me…

When i was a teenager i had stars in my eyes and a stars in my heart.  I dreamed of a day when my knight in shining armour, rose in hand, wearing a tuxedo would arrive to sing to me as i sat by my window overlooking the manicured gardens and fountain.  Instead reality was broken relationships that chipped away at my dreams and self-esteem.

I moved to Sydney when i was 21, to find work and escape a dysfunctional relationship that for years i hadn’t been able to make a clean break from… and there i found my knight.  I remember the very first glimpse I had of Brad,  I was a check out chick at Franklin’s in Hornsby; it was my first real job and my very first day on the job.  As I walked into the store I glanced to my left and saw this really cute guy in a collared shirt and brightly coloured tie at a till.  At first glance and my heart went pitter, patter.  He tried to chat me up that first day and i floated home from work feeling like my heart had come out of winter into spring time.

So this last week the man who has made my life into a permanent springtime celebrates his birthday, so happy birthday to the one i love, you complete me.  I am so blessed to find a man who allows God to be first in his life which flows out as: a love that overflows to all; strength of character, who treats me and our girls with honour, generosity and integrity, like we are ladies of great worth; who takes our son and shows him how to be a man.

Brad you are my joy bringer!

2 thoughts on “you complete me…

  1. Tammy says:

    How great is that photo of the “younger you two”. Thanks for sharing your love journey with us. I’ll never forget the picture of the two of you sitting on a chair at Don and Gillian’s. You were feeding Natalia and Brad was sitting beside you with his arm around you – proudly sharing the moment with his two girls – just perfect. My idea of real love!!! You were truly blessed to find it!!!


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