youngest child joy

Our youngest child is the second girl so she sometimes finds it a little difficult to find her niche in the sibling order.  She plays mostly with her brother and they enjoy similar games and rough and tumble.  She is also the most sensitive of the 3 kids, brimming with empathy for other people or animals.  She often sees when people are in pain or upset and does something nice for them such as make a card or give a hug.  One of her love languages is ‘quality time’, when she hasn’t spent time alone with either of us parents she gets quite grumpy.

Every week both hubby and i try and spend one on one time with each child.  Some times its going for a walk, sometimes its taking just one of them to the shops and halving a milk shake and sometimes its going to the beach. 

The other week Shay and i did some cooking together.

She complains she always has to go to bed first (they go according to their age, the older two get staying up time) and she complains that she can’t run as a fast as ‘them’ or draw as well or isn’t as tall as… so she particularly loves to do things that ‘they’ haven’t done, to have her own firsts.  So, we’ve been sewing, just the two of us.

She sewed 95% of this snake including the buttons and is so proud of herself, as we are of her too! 

Photos by Shay.

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