to the markets

When this little night owl gets up at 4:45am it’s either passion or craziness… or a little of each.  For the last couple of weeks i’ve been working on launching a market stall at peregian beach markets  and today was the day. I’ve been crafting for all my life, i’ve worked as a craft consultant, scrapbooking teacher, run endless school holiday craft programs and sold craft but never my own creations.  When you show your art or craft to others it’s like baring your soul… so i had butterflies all day. 

  It was still pretty dark when i arrive at the markets, i navigate the pedestrian path in the Landcruiser and swipe a gazebo with the drivers side door, my daughter and a stall holder talk me through a five point turn til i get to my site.  To sum it all up i had  an encouraging day, so many people gave lovely feedback about my work… 

 As i am developing my small business i have been developing a creative philosophy too so my crafts are all based on upcycling and recycling.  For example: i’ve been turning tired fashions 

tired fashion

into stylish covers for green shopping bags (note one of the sleeves has been turned into a pocket for the front!) 

second chance



…and i’ve been breathing new life into tired glassware  to make upcycled candle holders decoupaged with inspirational quotes. 


More details:   






  So having tested the market and having people buy my creations has been very satisfying and i am looking forward to having more market stalls and refining my craft. 

 I went to bed very tired but soul satisfied.  Thanks for reading my posts! 


5 thoughts on “to the markets

  1. georgina says:

    Well done on the markets job!! You certainly had been busy and your stall looked very organised. It certainly does take perseverance and a little bit of ‘crazy’ to get your self there so early and then pack it all up at the end of the day. I ask myself everytime I get out of bed so early on a market day, why exactly I am doing it!
    Best wishes for your plans and subsequent stalls – I hope it continues to reward and inspire you.


  2. marie-nicole says:

    Congratulations Rochelle, on what sounded like a very satisfying day. Love your idea of up cycling clothing into bags, they look great.

    Wishing you all the very best with your new venture, what an exciting time.


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