swapping the chopping and other ‘man roles’

I married a man with good old-fashioned manners, he was raised to open doors, put down loo seats, iron (sometimes my stuff if I’m running late)  and can you believe when we are out walking on  a road he ensures i walk at the kerb where it is safest and he walks closest to the traffic?? and he also has changed more than his fair share of nappies and vomit.  While i may make him out to be a saint this post is not about halos but about changing roles.  See Brad hurt his back in 2008 and our roles have had to change.  After seeing a neurosurgeon and pain specialists to cut a long story short Brad has to cut back on all physical work and do no work that requires bending.

So at present while he is having a bad spell with his back and isn’t even driving or sitting at the table with us for meals i am mowing and chopping the fire wood.  I don’t know who it is hardest on: me or him.  I don’t have the muscles yet (but they are developing) to chop the wood very well and my accuracy leaves the log splitter sometimes missing the log altogether… I know i will get fitter and more accurate but i know he has to lie on the bed and listen to me grunt and pant and slash away at the wood.  It’s good for me and i really don’t mind, it’s just an adjustment for us all.

Today i want to have an attitude for gratitude for what we do have and not what we don’t.  1) free firewood that friends delivered 2) full tanks (a friend just had to borrow water from us) 3) being alive!  Astounds me that everyday i wake up and the complexities of my body continue to function without my control (thank you Man Upstairs)  4) the sounds of our children as they play outside, the simple things 5) inner peace.  My life is full and has meaning and i wouldn’t choose anyone else’s life!

Have a magnificent weekend!

Oh yeah, the blood blisters i keep getting from the wood chopping … i thought it ironic that they are near my wedding rings, a funny way of reminding me why i am doing it… because of love!


4 thoughts on “swapping the chopping and other ‘man roles’

  1. georgina says:

    Hey -you go girl. Chopping wood is hard work indeed. Glad to hear you have a positive spin on it. Let us know if we can be of help – we are only mins away. okay well I am not possibly much help with an axe, but Mr N could be.


  2. Ky says:

    Good for you girl! I remember chopping wood out at Wam as a teenager. It’s such good exercise. I even did it in Brissy the last couple of years if I needed to. So sorry that Brad is so incapacitated. I feel for you both!
    May I suggest that you take your rings off while you are chopping? Would save you getting blisters I reckon. Maybe throw on some gardening gloves as well. Us chicks have such soft hands.


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