magnum opus


Remember Charlotte from Charlotte’s web fame?  She is a spider who adopts a lonely, but lovable, insecure but charming, little pig predestined to become bacon.   Charlotte believes in Wilbur the pig as an individual and decides that he should have a life worth living, not just go straight to the smoke house.  Charlotte works tirelessly to save his life using an ingenious plan that consists of spinning words into her web about how wonderful Wilbur is.  She dedicates herself to the cause and uses all her passion, gifting and strength to see her mission through to the end.  Wilbur is finally recognized as a pig of great worth and Charlotte draws on the last of her strength to spin an egg sac and lay her eggs.  When Wilbur the pig innocently asks what it is (referring to the egg sac), Charlotte tells Wilbur that it is her magnum opus; her masterpiece; her single greatest feat, her progeny.  

So, I’ve been asking myself the question: what is my magnum opus?  


It has been school holidays these last two weeks and what have I done to show my husband and kids that they are my magnum opus?  Time equals love does it not?  


I love the quote by Max Lucado “Your spouse is not your trophy, but your treasure.  Your children are not your hobby they are your calling.” (Facing Your Giants)  


Since having our children I have spent my passion, gifting and strength developing and nurturing my family… I am passionate about them, but I do get tired.  Parenting seems to empty me, the constant refereeing and giving them attention, developing their characters, feeding, clothing, keeping the house respectable… it would be so easy to settle for mediocre.  Sometimes I just want to stand on the kitchen bench and yell “what about me?”… yet I keep pushing on, taking mini breaks, snatching time to fill myself, grabbing time alone with Brad whenever we possibly can.  


We so needed a weekend off, we’ve not had a weekend off since we moved here in February.  Hubby’s work (church pastor)  never stops, there are no defined work hours, even with good boundaries in place, important opportunities crop up frequently. When we go to a Sunday BBQ or the local festival it is ministry, when we bump into an old friend it is ministry because ministry is a lifestyle, a life philosophy.  And I am ok with that, we approach his work as a team, but it depletes us.  Work hard, play hard…   


So we went to Rainbow Beach for the day and had a blast.  



4 thoughts on “magnum opus

  1. Clarissa Emily says:

    I know how you feel! Being a mother is one of the most draining but also most rewarding part of life! As long as we try our best, that’s what counts…props to you!! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting…I love comments! It’s funny that you had said you never heard what a cloche was before. I had another gal from Australia ask me what one was too. In fact, I would never known what one was if I hadn’t been blog hopping around. I would just call it a a fancy cake plate! 😉 Anyway~ thanks again for dropping by and I hope to hear from you again soon~ Have a lovely day!


  2. Georgina says:

    Hello there. Good sentiments in that one. The importance of the little people right beside us and the honesty about how much commitment it takes.
    There’s that photo of the coloured sand Brad told us about – good one!


  3. R. Madden says:

    I love you honesty about being a mum-the best job but at times the hardest . Thank you for reminding me of the wonderful importance of our kids and the role we have.
    Instead of cleaning the bathroom this rainy afternoon I am taking my 3 magnum opus’s off to the library 🙂 Thanks for reminding me what is important.
    God bless you.


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