handbag pandemonium

They say that you can learn a lot about a woman by what you find in her handbag, so here goes:

1 spiral bound notepad, 2/3 full of miscellaneous notes up to a year old

 1 CD rom without a case to return to the local library

I wrapper of a Lindt ball (red)

 6 pens, all in working order

 2 lip balms (one tinted candy pink)

 assorted feminine products

1 shell

 3 paper origami boats (not mine)

3 old receipts

6 business cards (only 1 my hubbys)

 3 notes to myself on scraps of paper including an old shopping list

1 safety pin

 1 purse stuffed so full of receipts and cards that it will hardly close, $2.10 in change

1 pair nail scissors

1 pre-loved mobile phone

2 pkts throat lozenges (partially used)

 5 library cards (3 from two different libraries we no longer live near)

6  green dice

1 pkt tissues

small bottle Detol Instant Hand Sanitizer

1 leaflet advertising deportment classes

 1 name and address of an old friend written on an envelope

 2 polypropylene shopping  bags (folded)

1 band aid

So its time for a hand bag spring clean.  What did i learn about myself?  1)  i like to be prepared 2) i am a hoarder

3) i need a bigger hand bag.  LOL

2 thoughts on “handbag pandemonium

  1. Ky says:

    Now that is a handbag that doesn’t get cleaned out often. So, so funny! I have to clean mine out regularly because it gets too full of the kids stuff.


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