road trip

I could have flown but I’ve chosen to take a road trip, not quite Thelma & Louise, more contemplative.  I am traveling to Yarrahapinni at Stuarts Point in NSW for the  SDA Women’s Spiritual Retreat.  The weather has been overcast which is perfect for driving. I have arrived at Byron Bay where the hippie flavour is never out.  I made a bee line for the beach and breathed in deeply.  There was a dred-locked man calling down the sunset on some sort of trumpet, a rather mournful call.  Then a hippy guitarist began strumming and singing while perched on the back of his ute.  Unfortunately my camera battery was flat so i did not get to record it in pictures.  The motel room is small and smells slightly of  ‘au de olde room’ but a budget is a budget.  In fact the room is cheap because it has a dripping tap but i heard nothing all night.

It is chip weather so i ate some with my salad that my darling daughter packed for me: feta, cucumber, tomato, walnuts, carrot and sesame seeds!  I slept peacefully in one of hubbys shirts.  It is so nice to take a piece of him with me.

I have never travelled alone since i married, but it is not strange, i am enjoying the ‘me time’, to be selfish, not having to look after anyone for a change… though i miss them like crazy. 

Got up at 6:30 to travel to the most easterly point on the Australian mainland, near the lighthouse.  Took my cuppa and my Bible and had worship and prayer time there.  Feeling full of God but still nervous about presenting tonight.  I keep repeating: ‘Those who God calls, He empowers’.  The role of standing before a group of women and sharing spiritual thoughts is a privilege that i do not take lightly, it is a great honour.

Oh yeah, i left my bead unmade, one thing i just love about motels!  I stopped briefly in at my favourite shop at Byron but i did not spend a cent, I so have enough stuff, but i did enjoy looking.  On the road again! 

3 thoughts on “road trip

  1. Brad says:

    6:30am!!! Can’t get you up that early at home! Must be the ocean air. Babe, i sure miss you, but am so glad you are on our Father’s assignment. You are an inspriation to me and i’m wrapped that others can join in the blessing that is mine, knowing and learning from you as i do every day.

    Love B


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