extravagant love

i got this little note from my hubby telling me to stand on the veranda and look out past our dam.   I stand there and look out.  I have a small sense of anticipation but i’m feeling pretty empty lately, so much to do and not getting a chance to recharge.  Then i spy something on the big old gum tree, so i kick off the uggies and walk down to the tree.  When i get close i am astounded to see post it notes, heaps of them… they are tacked to the tree and my name is on every one.

The tears come as i read, good tears, tears of joy.  Hubby has written an affirmation about me on each one.  I can hardly read them all there are so many tears.  I hear movement on the dry grass, and i hope its not a snake… no it’s him, by beloved.  I pull my sunnies down, because even after 14 years of marriage i still don’t like him to see me cry!  This is him loving me extravagantly and i feel very blessed.

4 thoughts on “extravagant love

  1. marie-nicole says:

    That’s beautiful Rochelle.
    I’ve only just come across your blog… I don’t why it’s taken me so long. Looking forward t hearing more about your journey through life.


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