morning rituals

i am having a vanilla latte in bed (served by my darling hubby), propped up by pillows and writing.  The curtains are pulled back, the sunshine is flowing into our bedroom over the veranda and i can see green hills, trees and dew sparkling from my bed.  Even though i am not a ‘morning person’ i usually get up and read my Bible and journal.  I am currently using a guide to ‘read through the Bible in one year’ plan.. last time i used this one year guide it took me 3 1/2 but now i can say i have read it through 100%, yes, even the genealogies!  I let it not become dry by journalling asking: what did this mean back then?  What does it mean to us now?  What can i learn about God from this?  What do i need to do with this information?

One thought on “morning rituals

  1. ky says:

    Oooo, I love a good vanilla latte too, esp the Nestle one.
    Sounds just heavenly to have that view from your bedroom.
    You really do live in one of the most gorgeous areas. Still jealous. x


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