weeping sky

Sometimes the sky weeps. Sometimes there are good reasons and sometimes we feel like having a good cry for no particular reason. This art journal page in my mini art journal celebrates those tears. Yet the tears water the flowers  and they flourish and grow. If you’re having a hard time lately these page are for you!  With love. Sometimes weeping is the bravest thing you can do.


IMG_0884 (1)


I watched a movie that moved me today, Freedom with Cuba Gooding Jr in it. It dealt with many issues , two being racism and slavery. So I went to my art journal and made a gratitude page.  I have so much to be grateful for, including freedom to believe in God and worship Him, a right to education,  I live safely in a quiet neighbourhood, my fridge is full, I have a loo, a shower, soap, clothing, a car… A sobering reminder of what I have.



to my youngest child

My youngest had a birthday the other week and I wanted to do a shout out to her. Shay as my youngest, you’ve never had Mum and Dad to yourself, there’s less photos of you by yourself than your siblings, but you are not loved any less.  When you arrived we saved an enormous amount of love just for you! You are one. An individual. Unique.


You are one of three.  Youngest. Shortest (but it’s quality not quantity right?)


And you are one of 5. The Melly5. Adventurers.  Close.  Inseparable.


You are one. Of my favourite things. Happy birthday Shay.


You are one of the best people I know. A blessing to me. I love you madly.



mini canvas – butterfly


Some times when I start I have no idea what it will look like when its finished.  I knew this mini canvas was about a butterfly, that’s all.  The background turned all metallic and gold thanks Heidi Swapp ink sprays.IMG_0641

Love my Big Shot and my Stampin’ Up Butterfly die cuts. Simple and stunning 3D multi-media collage. Voila.